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Using Ultra-pure Parrafin Lamp Oil versus VSO Bio-act to remove support material

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2015 5:36 pm
by Sgt1966
So we have successfully tried an alternative to the expensive VSO Bioact and have found good success using "Ultra Pure parrafin Lamp oil".

It is often available at Lowes for $7.98 per quart (suggest purchasing two quarts and trying for yourself - to ensure your success and ONLY try on non-production items at first, we started with a "purge block" and then tried on real fine printed models before production items).

The best place we found for "bulk pricing" was: ... 47187.html

12 quarts for $54.72 = $18.24 per gallon.

So try it out and post results here... Share what other tips and tricks you have.